Wednesday, December 12, 2012

The Christmas Spirit

Last night I was truly touched by the generosity and Christmas spirit of a friend of mine.  Not only did he write a heartfelt card that I treasure but he also gave me handmade soap, a new hobby of his that he has been updating me on the past few weeks!  And to top it all off, he gave me a Groupon gift card!  Obviously, he knows my shopping habit very well. 

Gilt City’s new offers came just in time this morning.  I was beginning to doze off.  There are two that look promising.  I definitely want to get the art print from 20x200 and am thinking of getting the Bethenny Frankel cleanse package.  I don’t really think cleanses are that healthy but I love Skinny Girl and want to try it out.  I can always mix the powders with some yogurt!  

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