Wednesday, December 12, 2012

The Christmas Spirit

Last night I was truly touched by the generosity and Christmas spirit of a friend of mine.  Not only did he write a heartfelt card that I treasure but he also gave me handmade soap, a new hobby of his that he has been updating me on the past few weeks!  And to top it all off, he gave me a Groupon gift card!  Obviously, he knows my shopping habit very well. 

Gilt City’s new offers came just in time this morning.  I was beginning to doze off.  There are two that look promising.  I definitely want to get the art print from 20x200 and am thinking of getting the Bethenny Frankel cleanse package.  I don’t really think cleanses are that healthy but I love Skinny Girl and want to try it out.  I can always mix the powders with some yogurt!  

Tonight I'm going to Listen to This...

Tonight at promptly 6pm PST, I will be listening to this teleconference, courtesy of 

By the end of the class participants will learn to: 

1.        Create a holiday spending plan so that you don’t overspend. 
2.        Research the shopping apps that make gift-giving less of a burden. 
3.        Provide experience gifts that will outlast any “thing” you might give. 

I probably could have used some of this advice a few weeks ago but I will listen in nonetheless.  I might learn something.

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Deals That Catch My Eye

I purchased a Gilt City deal a while back for a membership to Learnvest, an online financial advising site.  The site is pretty cool, you can take online classes about all things financial, budgeting, retirement, etc.  So far, I’ve used the site to enter all my financial information and I’ve had two calls with my Learnvest money expert.  This morning we talked about my long term plan.  Looks like I need to cut my discretionary spending by a few hundred dollars each month.  It’s not looking good for Groupon. 

Speaking of Groupon, today there is a “Lightsaber Stage-Combat Course” at 51% off.  Tempting, but no.  There is a “Survival-Training Clinic” that looks like it would be an interesting course for my husband.  I will file that away as a potential gift, I have 5 days left to decide. 

Something on Gilt City did catch my eye yesterday.  A deal for a bag through Basil Racuk.  It’s pretty stylish but at $100 it’s more than I should be spending.  I’ll mull this one over. 

Monday, December 10, 2012

Deals From the Weekend

This weekend was a pretty good weekend for deals, I used two of them which is pretty average. I think my record for deals used in one weekend is four, definitely something to top one of these days. First up, Saturday morning, kayak tour of Elkhorn Slough through Blue Water Ventures. Very fun! Great weather and the Groupon was easy to redeem.

Second, Sunday evening, dinner at Surf Bistro and Bakery in Seabright. Dinner was pretty good but the ambiance of the place was a bit weird and I don’t think we’ll be returning. This was a Living Social voucher and it was also easy to redeem.

Nothing stands out today as something I want (or need) to buy. I try to look for things that are either something I would have bought anyway or a new experience that is worth the money and something I’ve wanted to try. I am a big buyer of restaurant deals, love those! Some of the best ones I have purchased were on Gilt City and Bloomspot, I especially love the tasting menus that have a select few items to choose from. Some highlights have been a deal for Meritage at the Claremont, Zut and Bin 38.

Some not so great deals… The couple’s massage class I insisted on getting. It was in a pretty sketchy neighborhood and the lady was a no-show (which was actually a blessing in disguise). Major fail. Also, a restaurant in Danville that had a waiter who wouldn’t take my Living Social voucher on my smart phone, I had one foot out the door when the owner came rushing out to apologize and seated me in another waiter’s section.

Some other favorites… Admission to Golden Gate Fields. I loved watching the horse races! Fred, not so much. Finding cool shopping deals is another one that I love. My dad loves Peet’s Coffee and Tea, I just found a deal on Gilt City for a $50 Peet’s gift card (I paid only $38). Plus, I bought the deal through My Points which gives me 2 points per dollar that I spend on Gilt City. How could I pass that up?!

Welcome to my World

So, at the encouragement of my good friend, Rachel, and my husband I am going to be switching gears and writing about something that has a very special meaning to me… Spending Money! But not just any money and not just any spending, we’re talkin' deals! I call it a hobby, others call it a problem, I love to buy Groupons and other similar deals (Living Social, Gilt City and Bloomspot are my favs). So, here it is in all it’s glory, what I’ve bought, what I’ve experienced and the people I’ve dragged along with me.