Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Deals That Catch My Eye

I purchased a Gilt City deal a while back for a membership to Learnvest, an online financial advising site.  The site is pretty cool, you can take online classes about all things financial, budgeting, retirement, etc.  So far, I’ve used the site to enter all my financial information and I’ve had two calls with my Learnvest money expert.  This morning we talked about my long term plan.  Looks like I need to cut my discretionary spending by a few hundred dollars each month.  It’s not looking good for Groupon. 

Speaking of Groupon, today there is a “Lightsaber Stage-Combat Course” at 51% off.  Tempting, but no.  There is a “Survival-Training Clinic” that looks like it would be an interesting course for my husband.  I will file that away as a potential gift, I have 5 days left to decide. 

Something on Gilt City did catch my eye yesterday.  A deal for a bag through Basil Racuk.  It’s pretty stylish but at $100 it’s more than I should be spending.  I’ll mull this one over. 

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